Winter's Turn - A Contemporary Thriller and Love Story

winters turnBy Bob Hodgman

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Nat Bonney is down and out - homeless, drinking hard, and suicidal after the loss of his wife and young daughter in a tragic fire. Ellen Montane is a single mom, an ambitious R.N. attached to a shady university research project testing an experimental psychoactive drug to cure addiction. Bonney becomes a partially-willing subject in the latest experiment, but the project spins out of control: he experiences hallucinations and mystical visions, and he and Ellen begin to fall in love.

The experiment seems to succeed, however, and the project director decides he must destroy the evidence of his illegal human testing in anticipation of a new round of funding. Bonney, Ellen, and her young son flee, pursued by the director's hit man, but help comes from an unexpected quarter as society's dropouts and discards give them shelter. Finally, they take refuge with the Rainbow People at a tribal gathering in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Here, they start to wake up from their nightmare of the American Dream and their healing begins. But the hit man is closing in.

This novel is a love story and a thriller touched by fantasy and mysticism. It is a journey through our 21st Century America with its cutting-edge bio-tech start-ups and ecstatic, tribal Rainbow Gatherings. Set in the tattered American Dream of a wintery Pacific Northwest, the story forces us to ask how we can live if we can't trust the future, each other, or even ourselves.

About the Author

Bob Hodgman is the author of two novels, an adult thriller and love story Winter's Turn (Kindle 2019, formerly published as Yelling Man, Kindle - 2018) and a near-future, during-the-apocalypse story The Dark (complete at 112000 words, currently submitting to potential publishers). He started writing seriously after retiring in 2015 from a 30-year career as a computer programmer and software engineer. He addresses the fundamental questions of how we do live and should live in the modern world with its careers, relationships, politics and social forces. His stories are shot through with suffering and joy, spirituality and mysticism.

His work is informed by his B.A. in Religion from Earlham College, M.T.S. in Old Testament from Harvard University Divinity School, and B.S. in Applied Computer Science from Illinois State University. Bob’s plots and characters often reflect the insights of eastern religious traditions, especially Zen Buddhism and Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism.

Bob lives in Anacortes, Wash. – a small town on an island in the Salish Sea – with his wife Jan and dog Zopi. When he is not writing, he enjoys walking, cooking, mowing the lawn, drinking wine with friends, and watching the world catastrophe unfold from a safe distance. He understands that this distance diminishes every day and that he will be swept away eventually as everyone is. He hopes his final thought is “Thank you!”